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MICROX is engaged to develop a technology that could help in the control and prevention of water contamination through an easier and faster way to conduct chemical analysis. The goal is to develop a low cost disposable device with a highly sensitive detection method to use for water analysis.

MICROX goal is to realize a microfluidic device performing rapid on-site measurements using a miniaturised disposable device, with the possibility to store and manage data results using a proprietary software.


Our product includes a data reading and processing device and various types of microfluidic cartridges (patented technology)  for the analysis of a wide range of pollutants present in the water.

The analysis and visualization of the data collected from the measurements will be possible through a software optimized for PCs and smartphones.

Gocce d'acqua

Microx has developed a technology that integrates the characteristics and advantage of microfluidics with specific analysis and measurement sensors for different types of parameters.

Our cartridge measurement technology (patented technology) provides the same precision and reliability as a traditional measurement laboratory. 


The advantage is that you can get the results in real time and directly in the site where I need the data. 



Below you can find a description of the various parameters that our cartridges are able to detect


Heavy Metals

lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium, chromium, mercury, ecc.


Organic compounds

pesticides, nitrates, amines, sulphates, ecc.



microplastics, ecc.



Bacteria, virus, ecc.

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